• Mark

Easter at naughty dog

Hey, hope you are all looking forward to Easter. Hopefully it’s a time that most people manage to get some time off and reflect on our respective journeys so far. It’s been a really great start to the year here at naughty dog.

We have been blessed with loads of really interesting work from printing to major creative projects to some really eye catching framing. I will be doing some future blogs on framing techniques and letting light in on the magic to show you what goes into framing. I know it’s not the most interesting thing to look forward to but there is more to it than meets the eye. And it might just give you some ideas….

We are open until 7pm this Thursday and then we are closing Good Friday and opening on Saturday for the Disley Easter Egg Hunt. We are then closed for a well-earned rest until 10am am Tuesday.

We have a new artist exhibiting with us from the late part of April and her work is really beautiful so look out for that.

Have a great Easter and a well earned rest if you are able, if not then we send our thoughts to all of those that are working to keep the country running whilst we eat too much and generally lay around.

Take care from all of the naughty dog family..xx

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