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We love to produce exclusive commissions for you. We work with your images to produce beautiful, bespoke framed pictures that will be cherished forever.


It seems a shame to have lots of images stuffed in a drawer or in a box never to see the light of day. We believe that these should be celebrated and displayed so that they are always around.


Using a mixture of traditional photo’s, digital images, keepsakes, memorabilia etc. We will work with you to create a one off piece of art.


All of our commissions are hand framed and printed in high resolution to ensure the highest quality possible.


Starting from around £35.00 for a small frame using 4 images and up to around £300.00 for a 60cm x 60cm piece with around 40-50 images.


During a free 20 minute consultation will meet over a coffee to discuss exactly what you would like and over a series of proofs we will make sure that you are really happy before we produce your final piece. Check out the gallery below for ideas..

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